If you'd like to display the Tito registration form on your own website or blog, you can embed the Tito widget with a couple of lines of code or using the Wordpress plugin.

If you don't have a website, you can use a custom domain with the Tito event homepage instead, so for instance you could point a domain like http://tickets.ultimateconf.com to a Tito page. This requires a bit of configuration.

Firstly, inside your Tito event, head to Settings  and then Custom domain . Click Add  to enter a subdomain, like tickets.your-url.com .

Next you need to head over to your hosting provider's dashboard and create a new CNAME record. The specific instructions for this step may vary slightly depending on who you're using, but here's an example from DNSimple. The CNAME should simply point to ti.to.

☝️Pro-tip: A CNAME record should only be used on subdomains.

SSL on custom domains

At the moment, we unfortunately don't have direct support for SSL on custom domains, which is why we recommend using the Tito widget instead as the most secure and customisable method.

However, if you do still wish to use a custom domain, there are some options for adding SSL in this article on the Intercom site.


If you have any follow-up questions, drop us a line at support@tito.io or chat to us in-app and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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