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How do I add my event times to a calendar invitation?
How do I add my event times to a calendar invitation?
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Particularly for online events, sharing the start and end times of your event with your attendees is highly important.

Using Activities in Tito, we can ensure that calendar invitations are set up correctly to reflect event times that are localised for attendees.

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To achieve this:

  1. Navigate to Activities

  2. Click + Add new

  3. Name the Activity

  4. Optionally add an Activity description. The text you add here will be included in the calendar invitation.

  5. Attach the Activity to all relevant tickets

  6. Under Scheduling, add the event date, start and end times.

  7. Click Save.

Note: To make sure the times sent out are correct, make sure you’ve set up your event timezone to reflect your local time. This can be done by navigating to Settings -> Dates and times -> Event timezone.

Note: If you're adding more than one Activity to reflect multiple blocks of times or multiple dates, your attendees will have to download the attached .ics file from their ticket confirmation email and add it to their calendars. If you'd like to communicate this with your attendees, you can add a note to your custom success message.


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