For the last few years, we've been supporting two different versions of the Tito dashboard user interface (UI):

Side by side comparison of old and new UIs

☝️ We will soon be retiring the old version completely, so it's time to switch over if you haven't already. Your events and their details will be available as normal.

To make this change as stress-free as possible, we've kept things mostly in the same place as they've always been. The main differences are an updated look and plenty of improvements under the hood. Additionally:

  • Options previously under Customize can now be found under Settings.

  • Data Collection is now called Questions & Answers.

  • Landing pages (beta) is now called Source tracking.

  • Click the cog at the top of most views to show Import and Export options (where available).

💡 All the articles in this help centre refer to the new version of Tito.

Improvements in the new dashboard

The following features or options are available by default in the new version of Tito. This is not an exhaustive list, but gives a sense of some of the changes:


  • New step-by-step Setup Guide

  • Quicker to search records

  • Fewer clicks on mobile/smaller screens to view menu items

  • Add internal notes to Orders and Attendees, visible only to you and your team

  • Beta feature to add optional Opt-ins to ticket (contact us for access)

  • Beta feature to create advanced tax rules (contact us for access)

  • New Webhook Monitor section

  • See a Summary Report of tickets sold across all events under Account Settings



  • Apply a discount code to an Order after it is placed

  • Editing an Order now includes additional fields (company name, job title, VAT number, address, and country)

  • Clearer indication of whether an Order is complete or incomplete

  • Sort Orders by most recently updated


  • Lock ticket changes at individual Attendee level

  • Add metadata to individual Attendees

  • More filtering options on Attendees

  • Sort Attendees by most recently updated

  • Option to void all Attendees' tickets in one go


  • Option to exclude people who have already registered

  • Option to target only people who have attended X number of previous events

  • Easier to insert a greater number of variables

  • Option to remove default link to orders and tickets

  • View Message edit history


  • See a breakdown of sales by Ticket or by day, filterable by date

  • New reports for Discount Codes, payment method, Orders and by Ticket price


  • Set event timezone

  • Lock Tickets to prevent changes

  • Event homepage settings organised into clearer sections

  • Reveal upcoming Tickets on event homepage

  • Password protect your event homepage

  • Set API & event metadata

Discount codes

  • Disable for Tickets with reducing price


  • View Activity edit history

Check-in lists

  • Segment by Activity

  • Include responses to Questions

  • Export full list or checked-in Attendees only

Switching between versions

All new users who have signed up to Tito in the last couple of years have access to the new version of the dashboard only, but any users who signed up before then currently have the ability to switch between the two.

Please note we will be turning off the option to switch soon, so do let us know if you experience any issues in the new version. Email or chat to us in-app.


If you have any follow-up questions, drop us a line at or chat to us in-app and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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