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How to set up team members and edit permissions

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Head to Account Settings > Teams to invite your colleagues as team members and give them access to all or some of your events.

A screenshot of account settings in Tito. The teams menu is displayed.


Create as many Teams as you like and specify their access level (Admin, Moderator, User and Read Only), and choose which events they should have access to.

Anyone invited to the default Admin Team will be granted full access to all events.

Access levels

Tito's four access levels explained:

  • Admins can access all the account's events and features.

  • Moderators can access all features for the event(s), but don’t have access to billing details for Tito or add additional Teams and members.

  • Users can access most features for the event(s), but don't have access to financial info in reports, and cannot perform refunds.

  • Read only users can see the event(s), but can't perform any actions.

Invite someone to your Team

Click on the Team you want to add someone to, and then on Invite team members. Enter their email address(es) and they'll receive an email inviting them to join the team. If they don't already have a Tito account, they'll be prompted to create one.

For security purposes the confirmation link in the email expires after 3 days. You can withdraw the invite before the person accepts, and you can renew the invitation if it expires.

Members of existing Teams don't need to be re-invited. Simply edit the new Team you wish to add them to, and select them from the list of available people.

Manage user and event access

Click Edit when viewing a Team to change:

  • The Team name

  • The Team's access level

  • Which of your collaborators should be a member of this Team

  • Which of all the events on this account they should have access to

Save to lock in your changes.

If your colleague can't see the event after accepting their invite, make sure the Team you've invited them to has the correct event(s) checked.

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