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How to set up team members and edit permissions

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Tito allows you to add colleagues and team members and give them access to all or some of your events.

To access team settings, click on your account name to get to the Account Settings  for that account, then click on Teams .

A screenshot of account settings in Tito. The teams menu is displayed.


Teams allow you to group people together based on their access level and the events that they have access to. You can invite people using their email address. If they don't already have a Tito account, they'll be prompted to set one up.

☝️Pro-tip: If you add someone to the default Admin Team, they will automatically have full access to all events on the account. 

Click Create a new team to set up a team where you can control the level of access and which events they can see.

Access levels

Tito provides four access levels:

  • Admin — can access all features of Tito.

  • Moderator — can access all features for an event, but they don’t have access to billing details for Tito or adding additional Teams and members.

  • User — can access most of the event management features, but does not have access to financial info in reports, and cannot perform refunds.

  • Read only — can see the event(s) but can't perform any actions.

Restrict access to specific events

When you create or edit a team, you can choose to give access to only certain members of your account, and you can limit their access to only specific events.

Invite team members

To invite colleagues or team members, click on the team you’d like to invite them to, and then click Invite team members , and add their email address(es) there. They'll receive an email inviting them to join the team and create a Tito account if they don't already have one. 

For security purposes the confirmation link in the email expires after 3 days. You can withdraw the invite before the person accepts, and you can renew the invitation if it expires.

💡Tip: if you want to add someone to a team who is already a member of an existing team on your account, you don't need to re-invite them. Simply click to Edit the team and you'll be able to select them from the list of available people.


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