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How to create promotional codes

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You can use discount codes to offer promotional or free pricing on any tickets sold through Tito.

You can apply discounts in several ways:

  1. By enabling the discount code field on the event page and/or widget, and issuing a code to prospective attendees, e.g. HALF-OFF. If they enter this code in the field, the discount will be applied.

  2. By sending a direct link to the event page with the discount code already applied. Every discount code you set up will have this link generated automatically.

  3. By passing in a discount code attribute when using the widget. More about that here.

Setting up a discount code

Click on Discount Codes  in the sidebar, and hit  + Add Your First Discount Code  to get started.

A screenshot of a sample Discount code in Tito. The code name is VIP, the Amount off is 50, and the Type is percentage discount.

The three required fields are:

  • Code — This is the discount code itself, which will be visible to attendees.

  • Amount off — This is a value, and depends what discount Type  you set.

  • Type — Flat or Percentage. Flat discount means that the value you enter will simply be deducted from the price of the ticket, e.g. €50 off. Percentage means that the percentage value you enter will be deducted from the price of the ticket, e.g. 50% off.

For a discount code to be usable, you need to make sure that you also click on Available tickets  and choose which tickets the discount code should apply to.

Additionally you can set:

  • An optional description for internal use

  • Limits and defaults for how many codes are available

  • Start and end dates and times for when the discount code is available

  • Ticket visibility options (e.g. revealing secret tickets when a code is applied)

Import multiple discount codes at once

You can upload a .csv file of discount codes if you'd like to generate many discount codes in one go. See this article for a list of column headings and what they mean.

Click on the cog icon in the top-right and then on Import. You'll be prompted to download our .csv template. Fill this in without changing any of the columns or headings, save it as a .csv file, and then drag it in to the drop area under Step 2.

Showing the discount code field

Typically, if people see a discount code field, they will wonder if they are missing out on a discount, so we don’t display the discount code field to everyone by default. Instead we offer a way to send people discount codes using a secret link.

Once you've set up your discount code, click on the Actions  menu and then on Share link to get a link to a version of the event page with the discount already applied.

If you want to always show the discount code field, say if you are distributing discount codes publicly, you can set this field to always display by clicking on Settings  and then on Event homepage  and checking the box that says Show discount code field to everyone .

Here's what that looks like on the homepage:


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