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How to enable a sandbox environment for testing transactions
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Test mode allows you to put through test transactions to see what your attendees will see when they register for your events. It’s very useful for you to be able to check over your Tito setup before you share your event publicly.

You won't be charged fees on transactions put through whilst in test mode, and your test data will be kept totally separate from your live data, so you don't need to worry about deleting the test transactions later. 

Enabling test mode

You can enable test mode for either yourself or for everyone. If you enable it for everyone, then your public page will be in test mode and anyone who has access will only be able to carry out test transactions.

If you enable test mode for only yourself, then you will be able to put test transactions through only while logged in, and anyone else who visits the page will be putting live transactions through.

To enable test mode for either yourself or the whole event, just visit Settings  > Test mode  and change the switch beside either option.

A screenshot from the Test mode settings in Tito. Local test mode is Active. Public test mode is not.

Putting through a test order

Once test mode is enabled, open your event homepage and you should see a red banner confirming that you're currently viewing in test mode.

From there, you can put through a test transaction. You will need to use one of the test card listed here.

What happens while in test mode?

When in test mode, when you view Orders  and Attendees , you will only see orders and tickets that have been registered as test transactions. There will be a warning at the top of the list letting you know that these are test transactions, and you'll see [TEST] next to each record.

A screenshot of the Attendees area in Tito. Three test transactions are displayed with [TEST] beside the attendees' names.

When you visit a public event page while in test mode, no payment will be made and you can put transactions through that will only appear when you are in test mode.

For test transactions made using Stripe, the transaction data will appear in your Stripe test environment, and you can use any of the test credit cards on their testing page. For transactions using PayPal, you will be offered the ability to simulate a successful payment or failed payment.

Once you are finished testing, do make sure to switch test mode off so that you can see live transactions as they come through!


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