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How to add different tax types to your tickets

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If tax is applicable on tickets for your event, you are responsible as the event organiser for charging tax and paying it to the relevant authorities. This help article explains how to add a tax charge to tickets.

Create a tax type

First, click on Settings  in the sidebar, and then on Tax Types . Click Add a New TaxType. You need to specify a name and percentage and you can optionally add a description to appear on the customer invoice.

A screenshot from the New tax type section in Tito. The tax type name is VAT and the percent tax is 20.

Click Save and now, when you set up paid tickets, you'll have the option to specify which tax type applies to the ticket.

Note you need to create your tax types before you can apply them to tickets.

Charge tax on tickets

When you create a new paid ticket, you can specify whether tax should be applied. When you select single rate or multi-tax rate, you can select which of the tax types you've created apply to this ticket, and whether the price you've set is inclusive or exclusive of tax.

A screenshot from the Tax options settings in Tito. Single rate is applied.

Control how the price is displayed on the event homepage

Click on Settings  and then on Event Homepage. Scroll down to Homepage options  and you'll see a checkbox to show prices excluding tax.

This is how the price looks to your attendees if you check that box:

Ticket with price excluding tax.

Here's how it looks otherwise:

Ticket with price including tax.

A note on VAT in the European Union

Several years ago we commissioned a VAT in the European Union guide for event taking place in the EU, as events are treated differently here to products and services. We recommend always consulting a local tax advisor on the most up-to-date legal requirements in your locale. 

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