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Tito automatically generates a direct link for each ticket type. Share it to show a version of the event homepage with just that ticket, rather than all your public tickets, or to reveal a secret ticket.

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Parts of the link

The ticket URL is composed of several parts:

  • (the Tito domain)

  • /ultimateconf (the account slug; unique to your account)

  • /2016 (the event slug; unique to your event)

  • /with (a shortcut display a certain ticket or tickets)

  • /gjdvhrugccg (the ticket slug; unique to a ticket type)

  • /discount/ (a shortcut to apply a discount; follow this with the discount code)

Link directly to a ticket

The shareable ticket link looks something like this:

You'll find the Shareable URL in the summary pane of the ticket type and you can copy to clipboard from there. You can share individual public and private tickets this way.

If you need to refresh the link for any reason, you can click Regenerate URL to change it. This cannot be undone and anyone with the previous link will no longer be able to access the ticket via the old link.

Link to multiple tickets at once

It is possible to show multiple tickets, by separating the slug with a comma.

For example, if you have two ticket links like this: and, you can show both of these on the same page by joining the slugs with a comma:,6smegyvnoa8.

This works for public and secret tickets.

Apply a discount code

You can append /discount/CODE to the end of any of these URLs to pre-fill a discount code. For example, if the discount code code is “FULL”, you can create a URL like this:,6smegyvnoa8/discount/FULL

Pre-fill quantities

You can pre-fill the quantities of any tickets by adding them to the URL.

Let’s say you want to display two tickets, and pre-fill the quantity of the first to 1, and the quantity for the second to 10, your URL would look like this:,6smegyvnoa8?gjdvhrugccg=1&6smegyvnoa8=10

You can of course do this with the discount code pre-filled too:,6smegyvnoa8/discount/FULL?gjdvhrugccg=1&6smegyvnoa8=10

And this also works if you are only showing one ticket:

Social media links

We use Open Graph markup to populate the preview shown when sharing a Tito event page link across the web. Here are the various properties:

  • og:url – event page URL, e.g.

  • og:title – title of the link, e.g. My Event 

  • og:description  – short description field set in Settings  > Homepage

  • og:image  – event logo set in Settings  > Homepage 

You can change the defaults under Settings > Services > Social sharing.

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