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Each ticket type you create in Tito automatically generates a direct link to a copy of your event homepage displaying just that one ticket type, rather than every public ticket type you've set up.

You can also tweak this link to pre-fill discount codes and to pre-fill quantities.

Linking directly to a ticket

In Tickets , if you browse to a particular ticket, you will see that each ticket has a Shareable URL. This link links directly to the event homepage showing only that ticket.

The secret ticket link looks something like this:

This URL is composed of several parts:

  •  (the Tito domain)

  • /ultimateconf  (the account slug)

  • /2016  (the event slug)

  • /with  (a shortcut to tell Tito that you only want to display certain tickets)

  • /gjdvhrugccg  (the slug of the ticket you want to show)

You can take the slug of any of your tickets, whether public or secret, and use this technique to show only that ticket.

If you need to refresh the link for any reason, you can click Regenerate URL  to change it. This cannot be undone and anyone with the previous link will no longer be able to access the ticket via the old link.

Showing multiple tickets

It is possible to show multiple tickets, by separating the slug with a comma.

For example, if you have two public links like this:


You can show both of these on the same page by joining the slugs with a comma:,6smegyvnoa8

This will show both tickets.

Showing a discount code

You can append /discount/CODE to the end of any of these URLs to pre-fill a discount code. For example, if the discount code code is “FULL”, you can create a URL like this:


Pre-filling quantities

You can pre-fill the quantities of any tickets by adding them to the URL.

Let’s say you want to pre-fill the quantity to “1” of ticket with slug of gjdvhrugccg, and you want to pre-fill 6smegyvnoa8 with “10”, your URL would look like this:,6smegyvnoa8?gjdvhrugccg=1&6smegyvnoa8=10

You can of course do this with the discount code pre-filled too:,6smegyvnoa8/discount/FULL?gjdvhrugccg=1&6smegyvnoa8=10

And this also works if you are only showing one ticket:

(although by default, if you only show one ticket, the quantity will be pre-filled to “1”).

Social media links

We use Open Graph markup to populate the preview that is used when sharing a Tito event page link on a social network such as Twitter or Facebook. Here are the various properties:

  • og:url – The Tito event page URL, e.g.

  • og:title – The title of the link which we take as the event title, e.g. My Event.
    You can change the default in Settings  > Services  > Social Sharing 

  • og:description  – The short description field set in Settings  > Homepage .You can change the default in Settings  > Services  > Social Sharing 

  • og:image  – The event logo set in Settings  > Homepage 

You can generate a preview of your link using the following tools:



These tools can also be used to update cached versions of the data and image if the link has already been shared.


LinkedIn will cache the URL details for a week and currently there is no way to invalidate it. Instead, you can fool the bots that be by adding a redundant parameter to the end of the URL so they think it’s a new website, e.g. change to\


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