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Upgrades is a beta feature. Contact us to request access.

Upgrades allow you to give customers the option to select free or paid add-on items while registering a ticket.


Let’s say you want to sell a ticket to your conference which includes an optional upgrade to a VIP dinner. You'll need to use Activities to keep track of numbers (read the full guide on Activities). Here are step-by-step instructions:

  • First, create two activities: Conference and VIP Dinner.

  • Now, create a Conference ticket, and attach it to the Conference activity.

  • Next, create a VIP Dinner upgrade with a title and optional description.

  • While setting up your upgrade, select the VIP Dinner activity.

  • Scroll down to the Upgrade price per ticket section where you'll see a list of all your tickets — if an upgrade doesn't apply to a ticket type, leave the price field blank for that ticket. For any tickets where you want the upgrade to be applied, either enter a price, or enter 0 if it's a free upgrade.

  • Hit save when you're done.

A screenshot of the Upgrade price per ticket section in Tito. "Conference" costs £50, the "Workshop" price is not set.

Here's how it looks to the attendee during checkout:

Upgrades must be added to tickets at the time of purchase. Attendees cannot add Upgrades to their order at a later date.

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