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Requires our beta Upgrades feature. Contact us to request access.

Upgrades allows you to give customers the option to select add-on items (which can be paid or free) while buying a ticket.

The idea is that customers don't need to buy multiple tickets — they can buy a single ticket which grants them access to multiple things. For instance an attendee might buy a conference ticket which has a paid upgrade to also attend a VIP dinner.

Upgrades are used in combination with Activities. It takes a little bit of set-up but it can be a powerful tool.

How to set it up

Let’s say you want to sell a ticket to your conference which includes an optional upgrade to a VIP dinner. Here are the steps you might take:

First, create two Activities: Conference and VIP dinner . This is how we're going to keep track of numbers, and set dates and times for each component of our event if we wish to. Read the full guide on Activities.

Now, create a Conference  Ticket, and attach it to the Conference  Activity.

Next, it's time to create our VIP Dinner  Upgrade. Head to Upgrades  in the sidebar and click on + Add your first Upgrade . Give it a title and an optional description.

Then be sure to select VIP dinner  as the included Activity. Finally, scroll down to the Upgrade price per ticket  section, where you'll see a list of your tickets.

If an Upgrade doesn't apply to a ticket type, leave the price field blank for that ticket. For any tickets where you want the Upgrade to be applied, either enter a price, or enter 0  if it's a free Upgrade.

A screenshot of the Upgrade price per ticket section in Tito. "Conference" costs £50, the "Workshop" price is not set.

Hit Save  at the bottom and you're good to go.

Something to note: Currently, Upgrades can only be added to tickets at the time of purchase — there's no way for an attendee to add Upgrades to their order later.


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