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Can I request a copy of my ticket?
Can I request a copy of my ticket?

What to do if you've lost or haven't received your ticket or receipt

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This is guidance for attendees. Event organisers, check out our FAQs.

When you register a ticket on Tito, an email confirmation will be sent to you from Please check your spam, junk or promotions folder if you can't see it.

You can use our Lookup Tool to resend a link to tickets and VAT invoices associated with your email address and find contact details for the event organiser. Enter the same email address you used to register your ticket, and you will receive an email with a link to access your data. As part of GDPR you have the right to ask the event organiser to remove this data if you wish.

Still not receiving the email?

There may have been a mistake in your email address. Please contact the event organiser to double check. Their email address can be found on the event page where you registered, or you can email for help.

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