If the event organiser allows it, you can edit or re-assign your Tito ticket. If you cannot see this option, it means the organiser has locked ticket changes, so you'll need to contact them directly.

To assign your ticket to someone else, first locate the ticket confirmation email. It will have come from support@tito.io. If you cannot find it, you can use Tito's Lookup tool to retrieve it. You will need to enter the same email address you used to register the ticket.

Once you have found or re-sent the confirmation email, click on the link to change details on your ticket. 

A sample

Your ticket will open in a new tab, and there will be a reassign button at the top. Clicking on that will allow you to enter someone else's contact details. 

A screenshot of a full ticket from Tito. There is a button highlighted with a red border for this example. It has a gift icon on it and it reads

Once you've done that, click on Re-assign at the bottom to confirm, and that person will be emailed a link to their ticket.

A screenshot of the re-assign screen. There are fields to input the new ticket holder's first name, last name, and email. There is a checked checkbox to Delete answers to questions. There is a Re-assign button at the bottom, highlighted with a red border for this example.

As a reminder, if you cannot see the re-assign option, this means the event organiser has disabled it. In this case you'll need to contact them directly to enquire about re-assigning your ticket. There's a link to their contact information in the confirmation email.

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