How to bundle tickets together and create ticket packages

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Supercombos is a new beta feature. Contact us to request access.

Supercombos allows you to create combo tickets, or bundle tickets together. You can even bundle in tickets from different events that you're running (see notes below). 

Use cases include offering a group discount if someone buys a certain number of tickets, and creating ticket "packages" which include different ticket types at a set price (e.g. a Conference + Workshop ticket).

A practical example

For illustration purposes, let's say you're running a gala event and you're selling Seat tickets at €100 each, but you want to offer a Table  ticket (which includes 10 Seat tickets) for €900 — a 10% discount.

Here's what you'd need to do:

  1. Set up your Seat ticket type as normal and set your price at €100.

  2. Create a Table ticket type, and set your price at €900.

  3. Before you save, scroll down to the bottom where it says Bundles and click Add .

  4. Either search for or find the Seat  ticket in the dropdown menu, select it and then enter 10 in the quantity field.

  5. In this example, you'd also check the box that says Only issue the bundled tickets, not this ticket. as the table ticket itself doesn't count as entry.

  6. Save!

Here's how it looks on the event homepage:

Tickets on an event page. The 1st option is "Seat" and costs €100. The 2nd option is "Table" and costs €900.

☝️ Pro-tip: If you chose to only issue the bundled tickets, then you'll see the "container" tickets appear as unassigned in the back-end, but you can hide these using the filter option in the search bar, and/or use Activities to keep a track of your real ticket numbers.

Combining tickets across different events

Let's say you're running an event called "Festival 2025", and you want to create an "Access all areas" ticket that bundles in tickets from a different event called "Sideshow 2025". You'd create your ticket under the Festival event, and can choose to include tickets from your Sideshow event. Something to bear in mind in this case is that attendees who purchase the supercombo ticket will only show up in your Festival 2025 event, not your Sideshow 2025 event. Orders belong to the bundle ticket and its associated event.


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