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How to set up custom links for tracking where sales come from

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Source Tracking allows you to create unique links for "sources" that you specify, so that you can track where orders have come from. You might use them to:

  • Generate unique affiliate links to track how many tickets your partners have sold

  • Test the performance of paid advertising campaigns

  • Find out which sales have come via Twitter

How to set up a source

You'll see Source Tracking in the left-hand menu. Click on this and then on + Add new.

The New Source settings in Tito. The details are filled in to track sales that come from Twitter.

Using Source Tracking with the event homepage

When you save a source, a unique referral link to your event homepage is generated, with the source code appended at the end: ?source=example .

The Source summary page in Tito showing source details and a referral link.

You can copy and share this, for instance in a tweet, and any purchases made via that specific link will be tracked against that source in your Source Tracking reports (under Reports  in the left-hand sidebar).

Using Source Tracking with the widget

If you're using the Tito Widget on your own website, you can still use Source Tracking, but it will involve setting up specific landing pages on your site. 

For instance, you could create a version of your Tickets page that you share on Twitter, and you can pass the source  attribute through the widget, so that any orders placed using that specific widget are recorded against a specific source in your reports. 

<tito-widget event="ultimateconf/2013" source="twitter"></tito-widget>

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