Changing Tax Rates

Tax rates don't change very often, but when they do halfway through your ticket sales you need a plan

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For instance, at the time of writing this, Germany's VAT rate is due to increase from 16% to 19% at midnight on 31 December. What are our options?

Option 1) Login to Tito at midnight and change the VAT rate.

This is the simplest solution but it does mean you doing some work at a time when you'd probably rather not. There is also the small chance that you'll do it a few hours early or late and someone buys a ticket at the wrong tax rate.

Just go in to Settings, choose Tax types and edit the VAT rate to 19%. None of your previous sales will be affected. It will only change the price of tickets sold from then on.

Good: least amount of work

Bad: you have to work at midnight on New Year

Option 2) Prepare ahead of time

Add a new 19% tax rate in addition to your existing 16% tax rate.

Screenshot showing two tax rates

Then duplicate all of your tickets:

Screenshot showing how to duplicate a ticket

Change your new tickets to use the new tax type.

Then schedule your existing tickets to be available until 11:59pm on 31 Dec and your new ones to become available at 00:01am on 1 Jan.

Good: stress free New Year

Bad: more things to change and you end up with two of each of your ticket types. The attendees won't notice that but it will affect your reports.

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