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Italian Fiscal Code or PEC email
Italian Fiscal Code or PEC email

How to add the Codice Fiscale or PEC email to your checkout when operating in Italy

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This requires our beta Italian Checkout feature. Contact us to request access.

To comply with Italian law, if you are based in Italy and selling tickets to Italian customers then you might be required to collect the customer's "fiscal code" or, optionally, the PEC email.

How to switch on the Italian checkout

To use this feature, first ask us to enable it for your account and then switch it on in the payment/register form settings:

How it works during checkout

The customer will be asked to choose their country:

If you choose any country that is not Italy then the checkout works as normal.

If you choose Italy then you are asked for a required field to collect the fiscal code:

If you click on "I require an invoice" you will see this:

It will also add the fiscal code to the customer's receipt.

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