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Activity groups is a beta feature. Contact us to request access.

Activity groups allow you to group together several option type Activities, and attach them to tickets for attendees to select from. This is useful for when you need attendees to choose between sessions happening at the same time, for instance.

First, create each option — e.g. your session, workshop, etc.) — as an individual activity, and be sure to select Option as the kind.

You may also want to set a capacity so your sessions don't get overbooked. Option activities will no longer display for attendees to select once they reach capacity.

Fill in the rest of the information and save your activities.

You'll notice that you cannot attach an Option type of activity directly to a ticket. You need to add it to an activity group instead.

To create an activity group, click on the switcher and change to view activity groups:

From here, you'll be able to click the blue + Add new button to add a new group.

Give your group a name, for example Friday Workshops, and optionally set a minimum and maximum number of selections each attendee can make from this group.

Be sure to set the maximum to 1 if all activities are happening at the same time!

Add an optional description, and then make sure you select the activities that should belong to this group (i.e. all your workshops). Finally, you should attach the group to any tickets that grant attendees access to these activities.

Now, on the checkout form when completing their ticket information, attendees will be shown the list of activities to choose from, and they will receive a confirmation of their selection to their email address when they save.

From the admin UI, you'll be able to see an overview of how many attendees have registered for each activity, by clicking on the activity group and viewing the summary pane on the right-hand side.

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