Can I add times to my event?

How to set start and end times for your event

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You can add simple start and end times to your event in Settings > Dates & Times

Screenshot of start and end times in settings

If your event runs over multiple days the “Start time” will apply to the “Starts on” date and the “End time” will apply to the “Ends on” date.

A single downloadable calendar .ics file will be created which contains a calendar entry beginning at the start time & date through to the end time & date.

Advanced times

You can use Activities to add multiple times to events, and generate a public-facing schedule with dates, times and venues for all components of your event experience.

A screenshot of a schedule from a Tito event homepage with dates, times, and links displayed.

Here’s how:

  • Optionally any venues under the Settings > Locations menu

  • Create an Activity for each component and set the date, start time and end time

  • Make sure the activity's visibility is "shown" (that's the default)

  • Optionally attach a venue from the list of ones available

  • Attach each Activity to the relevant ticket

  • Make sure the Activity is set to visible

Not only can you now keep track of numbers, and have a schedule displayed on the event homepage, but the ticketholder’s calendar file and PDF ticket will also include their personalised itinerary, based on their order.

A separate calendar entry for each public Activity with a date will be contained within the downloadable .ics file. So for example, an event has 3 Activities then the single .ics file will contain 3 separate calendar entries.

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