Can I add times to my event?

How to set start and end times for your event

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Depending on your requirements there are a couple of different ways to add times to your event.

Simple times

You can add simple start and end times to your event in Settings > Dates & Times

If your event runs over multiple days the “Start time” will apply to the “Starts on” date and the “End time” will apply to the “Ends on” date.

A single downloadable calendar .ics file will be created which contains a calendar entry beginning at the start time & date through to the end time & date.

Advanced times

You can use Activities to add multiple times to events, and generate a public-facing schedule with dates, times and venues for all components of your event experience.

A screenshot of a schedule from a Tito event homepage with dates, times, and links displayed.

Here’s how:

  • Add any venues under the Settings > Locations menu (optional step)

  • Create an Activity for each component and set the date, start time and end time

  • Make sure the activity's visibility is "shown" (that's the default)

  • Optionally attach a venue from the list of ones available

  • Attach each Activity to the relevant ticket

  • Make sure the Activity is set to visible

Not only can you now keep track of numbers, and have a schedule displayed on the event homepage, but the ticketholder’s calendar file and PDF ticket will also include their personalised itinerary, based on their order.

A separate calendar entry for each public Activity with a date will be contained within the downloadable .ics file. So for example, an event has 3 Activities then the single .ics file will contain 3 separate calendar entries.


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