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With Messages you can send emails right from within Tito and automatically include a link to each person's ticket(s). 

Click on Messages in the sidebar to get started.

☝️Pro-tip: The first time you open Messages, you'll see a notice letting you know that you need to contact us to enable this feature for you. This is to protect against bots using the feature to send spam Messages. Email to request access.

Compose your message

Once we've activated Messages for you, click on + Create your first message .

You'll be asked to enter a Subject and a Body  for the message (which is the main contents of your email). You can click on Insert Variables  to add merge tags for things like name, email and list of tickets.

Variables are inserted using curly braces (sometimes called mustache tags) — i.e.  {{{…}}}. Here are a few useful ones to get you started:

  • First name — {{{first_name}}} 

  • Last name — {{{last_name}}} 

  • Four digit ticket reference (e.g. ABCD) — {{#registrations}}{{{reference}}}{{/registrations}} 

  • The ticketholder’s personal booking URL — {{#registrations}}{{{url}}}{{/registrations}} 

By default, a link to any orders and tickets associated with the recipients' email address will be included at the bottom of the email. If you prefer this not to be the case, you can click Detach on this screen.

When you're ready, click on Save & Add Recipients  to progress to the next step.

Choose your recipients

There are a few different options of who to send your message to. Here's what they all mean:

  • Ticketholders — People who've been assigned tickets for this event. Click Choose  and then select the relevant ticket types, or click Attach all  to add all attendees to the recipient list.

  • Include the person who placed the order — Sometimes, the person who registered the ticket is not the person who'll be attending the event. If you wish to include the booker, click Include here.

  • Exclude completed tickets — Useful if you wish to send a reminder email to people who haven't yet completed their tickets, without emailing those who have already filled in all their ticket details.

  • Exclude assigned tickets — Enable this option if you only wish to target people with unassigned tickets (for instance, to send a reminder to assign their tickets).

  • Exclude attendees — Each event on your account has the option to enable the Interested people mailing list. So if you'd like to send a message to members of an existing mailing list without targeting people who've already registered for this event, click Exclude here.

  • Activities — Target attendees of specific Activities.

  • Mailing lists from other events — Send emails to people who have filled in the Interested people mailing list on your other events.

  • Require minimum attendance — Set a threshold for how many previous events someone should have attended in order to receive the message.

  • Manually add or remove emails — Paste in email addresses manually of people you'd like to include or exclude in the email.

Click Save when you're ready to proceed.

Preview and send your message

Once you've added your message content and selected your recipients and saved, you'll be shown a message summary which indicates that the message is in a draft status.

A screenshot of the Message summary screen in Tito including the number of participants and a green-text button to send the message.

From here, you can click on Edit to make changes to the message copy, or you can click on the Actions menu to:

  • Duplicate the message

  • Edit the recipients

  • View the recipients

  • Preview the message

  • Delete the draft

  • View message history

If you click on Preview message you'll also have the option to send a test to yourself before sending the message to everyone for real.

When your message is ready to go, simply click on Send Message . You'll be shown a summary underneath of the status of each message as it's opened.

What to use Messages for

Messages is best used for basic, transactional emails to attendees. It's a simple tool whose beauty is that it allows you to automatically attach the recipient's ticket(s) to the email.

You could use it to:

  • Notify attendees about a change to the event

  • Send reminder emails to complete ticket details

  • Issue joining instructions the day before your event

Messages isn't suited to email marketing campaigns. For that, we'd recommend opting for a dedicated platform which will come with more advanced functionality such as formatting, scheduling and detailed reporting. 


Need help with something specific? Search our FAQs section to find instant answers. 

If you can’t see what you need, drop us a line at or chat with us in-app and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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