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Can attendees pay by invoice?
Can attendees pay by invoice?
How to allow attendees to pay by bank or wire transfer instead of by credit card
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This requires our beta Invoicing feature. Contact us to request access.

We have a beta feature which allows purchasers to pay by invoice. 

Set up your payment instructions

Firstly you'll need to set up your bank details and payment instructions under Settings  > Invoicing . These details will be included on the invoice, and are how we let attendees know how to pay you.

Enable pay-by-invoice on tickets

You can then enable the invoice payment option at ticket level by selecting the ticket from the Tickets list, clicking on Edit and scrolling down to the Pay-by-invoice  block. Click Enable .

A screenshot of the pay-by-invoice option in Tito with a button labelled "Enable"

What the attendee sees

During the checkout, in addition to seeing the option to pay by credit card, the attendee would see an Invoice  tab.

A gif of the Tito checkout which has an "Invoice" button as a payment option beside the typical "Credit Card" button.

When someone chooses pay by invoice, they will be issued a ticket by the system and it will be marked as unpaid . The customer will automatically receive an email from Tito with the invoice attached, explaining that they need to pay for their ticket. The invoice will contain the payment instructions you've set up under Settings > Invoicing .

Marking invoices as paid

When you see the funds for an order hit your bank account, you need to find the order in Tito and click the Mark as paid  button.

A note on manual processes

Please note Tito is not currently able to send payment reminders, nor check your bank account to see if an order has been paid. This part of the process is manual on your part, and one of the reasons our Invoicing feature is still in beta.

Fees on invoiced tickets

When you use Stripe as your payment gateway, we're able to take our Tito fee at the time of transaction via the integration. But for other payment processors including pay by invoice, this is not currently possible.

So for events that accept other payments we also ask organisers to add a credit card on file so that we can charge it for Tito fees on any orders completed using payment gateways other than Stripe.

Once you've added a card to file, you'll be able to publish your event. 


If you have any follow-up questions, drop us a line at or chat to us in-app and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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