How do I duplicate an event?

How to copy an existing event in Tito

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When you click to create a new event, you have the option to duplicate an existing event. 

A screenshot of the Name your event screen in Tito. Underneath a blue "Create a new event" button, there is a link to "Duplicate an existing event"

There's also a button to duplicate an event at the top of its Settings menu:

Duplicate event button in settings menu

What gets copied across?

When you duplicate an existing event, all your settings, ticket types, activities and custom questions are copied across, but not any of your orders or attendees, or any existing discount codes.

The event will be automatically named original-event-name-copy  and the URL will also have copy in it, so head to Settings  and then Basics to change these details before going live.

☝️ Pro-tip: If you run the same kind of event over and over, you can create a template event and simply duplicate it for each new event — saving you lots of time.

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