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How to get paid for your tickets

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Tito supports two external payment services.

  • Stripe is our preferred payment provider.

  • PayPal is the most widely supported provider.

Adding a payment option

You can either add a payment option directly to your account, or within a specific event. If you add it to an event, it will be saved to your account for future use.

Adding a payment option to an event

Click on Settings  in the sidebar, and then on Money . From here you'll be able to add and control payment options.

A screenshot of Money settings in Tito. Debit and credit cards are accepted, PayPal is not.

You can also set your event currency here.

Adding a payment option to an account

Click on your account name which you'll see in the breadcrumb at the top of your Tito event, then click Account Settings  and then on Payment Options . From here you can connect a payment option.

A screenshot of Account settings in Tito with a button to Connect a payment option.

Choose the provider you’d like to add, hit the connect button, and follow the instructions on-screen.


  • Stripe supports processing payments in 135+ currencies, depending on your location. Check out Stripe’s currency page for more information.

  • Additional merchant account: not required.

We integrate with Stripe using their Connect platform. After you set up a Stripe account, it’s a one click integration.


  • Available in more than 200 countries/regions and supports 25 currencies. Check out PayPal's global markets page for more information.

  • Additional merchant account: not required.

We integrate with PayPal using their Permissions API and their Express Checkout Integration.

Sometimes PayPal’s permissions API does not grant permission credentials at the first attempt, and it can require several attempts to connect. Keep trying!


Need help with something specific? Search our FAQs section to find instant answers. 

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