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Attendee management

How to add, view and filter your attendees

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Tito's admin dashboard gives you a simple way to view, browse, search and filter your attendees. You can also add attendees manually.

Choose Attendees in the sidebar to see the current attendee list. You can view an individual attendee's ticket by clicking on their name.

A screenshot of the Attendees area in Tito. An attendee is selected and their ticket and its status are visible.

Attendee summary

In the Attendee summary you'll get an overview of the person attending your event.

  • Reference — is a unique five character reference code for the ticket. This is the four-digit order reference, followed by a serial number. e.g. #GIA0-1

  • Order information — shows who ordered the ticket and when. Click on this to reveal the Order summary.

  • Status — shows whether the ticket is unassigned, incomplete or complete.

  • Ticket type — shows the ticket type that person has registered.

  • Attendee details — shows name, email and answers to any other fields you've enabled. If a ticket has custom questions attached, the responses will show up on this view too.

  • Internal notes — a space for you to add notes for internal use. These can be seen by your team mates who have access to the account, but not by the attendee.

Search for an attendee

You can search by name, email and/or attendee or order reference. Click on the search bar under the Attendees heading. You can also filter by tickets and ticket status.

Re-send the ticket email

Click on the Actions menu in the top-right of an attendee's record to see the option to re-send their confirmation email. You can review the contents of the email and hit Send  to deliver the mail. Under this menu you can also open up the attendee's ticket page, PDF ticket, and Apple Wallet file.

Edit attendee details

Hit Edit to edit attendee details. Any answers to questions attached to the ticket can be edited here too, and you can change their ticket type from the dropdown, add tags, lock ticket changes and more.

Void an attendee

Under the Actions menu you can choose to void the ticket if the person can no longer attend. If it's a paid ticket, you'll be prompted to say whether you wish to issue a refund. For more details, see Refunds and Cancellations.

To void all attendees at once, click on the cog icon above the search bar and select Void all attendees. This action is irreversible so tread with caution!

Manually add or import attendees

See this article for detailed information on adding and importing attendees.

Export attendees

Click on the cog icon above the search bar to export attendees. You can export the entire attendee list, or a filtered list based on your active search terms. Choose Excel spreadsheet or .csv format for your export, depending on which software you'll be using to open it.

Still need help? Search our FAQs for instant answers. You can also leave a message for our support team by email or in-app, and we'll get back to you by the next working day.

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