Check your guests in at the door using Tito's check-in tool

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You can use Tito to check your guests in at the door of your event using our Check-in app. We offer a web-based check-in tool that works on desktop web browsers and most modern mobile web browsers, along with an iOS app, and an Android app that can be used to scan the barcodes on tickets that are generated by Tito.

Create a check-in list

To get started, click on Check-in lists in the sidebar, and then on + Add your first check-in list

A screenshot of the New Check-in List settings in Tito. The mandatory title has been filled.

You can give the list a name, add an expiry date if you want the data to "self-destruct" from the check-in app after a certain time, and you can choose which tickets and question responses should be shown in the list.

☝️ Tip: You can create multiple check-in lists, so you can have different lists for different parts of your event, different ticket types, if you need to separate lists out by which questions are attached to the ticket, or if you just want to create a test list first.

Once the list is created, click on the Actions menu and then on Check-in apps and you'll be shown the available options.

A screenshot of the check-in methods available: iOS App, Android App, and Web Check-in.

Use the iOS or Android app

Download the iOS app here, and an Android app here.

Set-up for Tito users

If you have a Tito account you can simply log into the app and navigate to your check-in list. Please note the check-in list must be created in advance as there is currently no way to create one within the app itself.

Set-up for staff/volunteers

The apps are designed to be standalone, and don't require a login, so you can freely distribute them amongst your volunteers and staff without worrying about setting up Tito accounts for them.

If you would like to give volunteers access to the check-in feature without setting them up with a Tito account, choose Set-up with QR code.

You’ll then need to scan the QR code that is displayed when you click on one the app icons in the main Tito app. You can either scan your screen directly, or drag the QR to share it via email, SMS, etc.

Using the app

After the information is downloaded, you will see a list of your attendees. You can click Tap to check-in  to check people in directly from the list, or if you need to view answers to questions you can tap on the row itself to bring up the detail view.

Alternatively, you can identify attendees using the QR code scanner by clicking on the QR code icon in the lower-right of the screen. You can then choose whether to check them in automatically using the scanner or not. The QR code to scan can be found in attendee ticket emails, in ticket PDFs or in Apple Wallet tickets.

When scanning you’ll receive a warning if you try to scan the same ticket more than once (although multi-scanning is possible if you dismiss this warning).

There’s also a flashlight option if you’re scanning in the dark.

You can see overall progress of your check-ins by clicking on the cogs icon in the top-right of the screen.

Synching data

If multiple devices are being used to check-in attendees, the data will sync automatically between apps and with your Tito admin panel so long as there is an available data connection. 

You can force a sync by using the Sync Now  button in the settings screen accessed via the cogs icon. The data with the web-based check-in app with also sync.

Web-based check-in app

The web-based app mirrors the functionality of the check-in apps, but it does not support scanning of QR codes. The link is provided on the check-in list screen after you create your list: it’s a secret, shareable link that staff can access without logging in. This link will also expire after your list expiry time.

Testing the check-in list

The check-in app only works with live data, but you can create a test check-in list as soon you have some live registrations and practice checking in before the day of your actual event. 

Your attendees won't be notified in any way, and you can just delete that check-in list and create a new one for the event when you're ready to check people in for real.

Printing the check-in list

We don't recommend printing a copy of the check-in list unless you have obtained permission from every attendee, due to the potential for data breaches. Printed lists are cumbersome, easy to steal, and easy to photograph. Our check-in app is password secure and easy to use.

If you need more control over the outputted data, you can use our export function.

Export the check-in list

Under the Actions menu you have the ability to export your full check-in list in spreadsheet format. This is useful if you need to manipulate the data or mail merge it. It’s a super handy way to generate lists that you might need for printing badges, for example, or generating lists that only show dietary requirements.

Once you have checked everyone in, you can also export your list of just your checked-in attendees to a spreadsheet. This also shows what time they checked in.


Need help with something specific? Search our FAQs section to find instant answers. 

If you can’t see what you need, drop us a line at or chat with us in-app and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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