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The event homepage
The event homepage

How to share the registration page with attendees

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When you set up an event in Tito, we automatically generate a public-facing tickets page that you can share with your customers. This is called the event homepage. 

☝️Pro-tip: If you'd prefer to embed the checkout on your own site instead of sharing the Tito event homepage, you can do so using our widget.

View the event homepage

To view your event homepage, first click into the event in your Tito account. At the top of the dashboard, you'll see a link to view your event homepage (circled in red in the screenshot below):

A screenshot of the Setup Guide in Tito. The "View event homepage" in the top right is highlighted with a red border.

This will open in a new window, and will look something like this:

A screenshot of a sample Tito event page. There is 1 General admission ticket on sale for $500.

The page is very plain by default, but you can customise it and add more content.

The event homepage URL has the following structure:

☝️Pro-tip: When sharing the link with attendees, make sure you use the event homepage link, rather than the admin link (which can only be seen by you and your team mates). Otherwise they won't be able to see the event, and they'll be prompted to log in instead.

Customise the event homepage

It's possible to change the background colour, add images and additional content and lots more. This is a big topic with lots of options, so it has its own help article.

Use the widget

If you'd like to display the ticket list and checkout process on your own website, you can do this using our embeddable JavaScript widget. It only takes a couple of lines of code. Read more about that here.


Need help with something specific? Search our FAQs section to find instant answers. 

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