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Does Tito integrate with WordPress?
Does Tito integrate with WordPress?

How to embed the Tito widget in your WordPress website

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Tito's widget can be embedded on any website with just a couple of lines of code. If your site is running on WordPress, you can use this plugin instead.

Installation instructions

  1. Head to the plugin site and download  and expand into your /wp-content/plugins/  directory, or install directly by clicking ‘Add New’ on your plugins page, search for ‘Tito’ and click ‘Install Now’.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

  3. Add your event path to the Tito settings page. For example, if the event path is , then the event path is: ultimateconf/2013 .

  4. Add the other default settings.

  5. Place do_shortcode('[tito]');  in your template code or add the shortcode ‘[tito]’  to your content where you want the ticket sales box or button to appear.

  6. If you wish to customise the display in the template using the shortcode, all settings can be passed to the plugin using the shortcode. For example: [tito event=”ultimateconf/2013″ button=”true” label=”Get yer tickets” releases=”3elajg6qcxu”] . This also applies to the do_shortcode  function.

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