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How do I customise my public timeline?
How do I customise my public timeline?

How to edit your information and hide or show events

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The public timeline is a page where all your public events are listed. The format for the link is .

A sample Tito timeline with a black background. Listed under upcoming events are three separate listings in blocks, all of which can be clicked for further details.

You can find it by clicking on Account settings (or clicking on your account name) and then on the link that displays at the top of the account settings page.

How to hide/show events

Within your individual event, click on Settings and then Basics . Scroll down to Timeline visibility and then choose whether to set to hidden or discoverable. Only events set to discoverable will show on your public timeline.

How to add an image to the listing

This is pulled from the event banner, which can be added under Settings > Event homepage > Branding.

How to edit your information on the public timeline

Head to your Account settings for the option to edit your account name, URL, and description. You can also upload a logo which will be displayed on the public timeline.

Think carefully before changing your account URL. This will change all of your event links, and anyone who tries to use an old link won't be able to access the event anymore unless you send them the new link.

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