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Can I add custom messages to tickets?
Can I add custom messages to tickets?

How to add extra information to your tickets

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The confirmation email isn't editable, but you can include a Note from the organiser. This is actually shown to attendees in four different places (see below for screenshots):

  • On the confirmation screen after registering

  • On their ticket page

  • In their ticket email

  • On their PDF ticket itself

You can use this to add extra information like pre-event instructions, venue details, details for how to get in touch with you, a thank you for registering โ€” anything you like.ย We recommend keeping it short though, to make sure people actually read it!

How to add a custom message

Head to the Tickets section, select the ticket you wish to add a custom message to, and click Edit. Scroll to where it says Custom message. Type it in and save when done.

A screenshot of the Edit Ticket section in Tito. The Custom message field has been filled with example text.

How it appears to attendees

On the confirmation screen after they register

Screenshot of the note from the organisers on the confirmation screen

On their ticket page

Screenshot of the note from the organiser on the ticket page

On their PDF ticket

A screenshot of a pdf ticket generated by Tito. It has a message from the organizer on one page.

In their confirmation email

A sample email generated by the Messages feature. The note from the organisers is shown underneath the pre-generated text.

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