Tito allows you to add a “Note from the organiser” which appears on the confirmation screen when people register tickets, and also in the email to attendees and on the PDF ticket itself.

You can use this to add extra information like pre-event instructions, venue details, instructions for how to get in touch with you, a thank you for registering — anything you like. 

The message appears in four different places, making it a great way to highlight critical information. We recommend keeping it short though, to make sure people actually read it.

Here’s what the custom message looks like to the attendee in the various places it appears:

On the confirmation screen when they register

On their ticket link

On their PDF ticket

In their confirmation email

To set up a custom message, head to the Tickets  section, select the ticket you wish to add a custom message to, and click Edit . Scroll down to where it says Custom message , add one, hit save, and you’re done.


If you have any follow-up questions, drop us a line at support@tito.io or chat to us in-app and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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