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Can I add an image to my event homepage?
Can I add an image to my event homepage?

How to insert and embed pictures to your event page

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There are two built-in places to add an image to your event homepage — a banner at the top of the page and an event logo, which appears at the top of the description area.

Screenshot showing where the banner and logo appear on the homepage

You can find the upload fields for both of these images under Settings > Event homepage:

Screenshot of the branding section on the event homepage settings modal

Adding extra images

If you wish to add an image to the Short description or Additional info fields, you'll need to host it somewhere online first (please note that Google Drive won't work) and then right-click on the image file to copy its direct URL.

You can then embed it using Markdown.

The format is:

![alt text]( "optional title")


![Cute kittens]( "So fluffy")


A picture of four kittens with big blue eyes. The furthest left is ginger and black, the second left is ginger, the third is ginger and black, and the further right is all black. They are extremely fluffy.


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