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Why won't my import work?

How to troubleshoot a failed upload

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To import Attendees in bulk, head to Attendees, click on the cog icon at the top, and then on Import from the menu.

We recommend using the Download Template (CSV) under Step 1 to ensure that Tito can read the import file properly.

Checklist for successful imports

  • Don't change any of the template headings

  • Save as a .csv or .xlsx file (other formats such as .numbers won't work)

  • Ensure the ticket names match existing available ticket types

  • Ensure the email addresses are valid and just one per record

Troubleshooting failed imports

  • Is it the correct file type?
    We support .csv or .xlsx only. If your file is in .xls or .numbers format, it won't work, so try re-saving in a supported format and try your upload again.

  • Do all the headings and columns match the template?
    If you change the headings or add any columns, it may cause the template to become unreadable. Paste your data into the template without changing the structure and try your upload again.

  • Does the ticket name match an existing ticket type?
    When you upload the file, Tito tries to match each attendee to a ticket type, based on whatever you've entered in the Ticket column for each person. If the ticket name doesn't exactly match an existing ticket type you've created, the import will fail. By default, the template will say "Example Ticket 1", "Example Ticket 2" etc. Please replace this text with the names of real ticket types you've created for your event.

  • Are the tickets available?
    There need to be enough tickets be available in order to be able to add attendees to them. Check that your tickets aren't paused, ended, sold out or restricted by an Activity, and if so update them and try your upload again.

  • Are there unnecessary gaps?
    If you have any empty lines between data, Tito won't be able to read the file. Please remove any unneeded rows and data, and try your upload again.

  • Are the email addresses valid?
    If you have any invalid email addresses (including two email addresses in a single cell), the file will fail validation and won't be uploaded. Please double check all the email addresses are valid and try your upload again.

  • Is the file format breaking the special characters?
    Try saving as a .csv UTF-8, as this tends to be the most reliable format for preserving special characters, and try your upload again.

Still need help? Search our FAQs for instant answers. You can also leave a message for our support team by email or in-app, and we'll get back to you by the next working day.

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