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What do the figures on the dashboard mean?
What do the figures on the dashboard mean?
Visitors vs pageviews, orders vs attendees, and gross vs net income
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Here's a quick primer on reading the figures on the dashboard in your Tito event:

Screenshot of the figures on a user's Tito event dashboard.
  • Page views is how many individual times the event homepage has been loaded. People might load the page more than once, and each time they load the page this would count as a page view.

  • Visitors is the number of individual people who've looked at the event homepage. The total visitors number is calculated based on the number of unique IP addresses who visit the page.

  • Orders is the number of times a booking has been put through. An order can be for one ticket or multiple tickets, so there may be fewer orders than attendees.

  • Attendees is the number of individual tickets sold, and how many people you'd expect to attend your event.

  • Gross income is the total amount your customers have paid you.

  • Net income displays the gross amount minus any Tito and payment gateway fees. If you're charging tax on tickets, the net amount also factors this in so that you can get a sense of your profit, however the tax isn't automatically deducted.


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