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Can I include seat numbers on the ticket?
Can I include seat numbers on the ticket?

How to display seating allocation on the Tito PDF ticket

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While Tito doesn't have seating allocation functionality, you can display seat numbers by including them as metadata. You can either do this manually for individual attendees, or you can do it programatically using our API.

To add metadata to a ticket manually, edit an individual attendee and scroll to the bottom to see the metadata section:

Screenshot of metadata block with text: A JSON object that gets sent along with this order in webhooks and via the API

Click the Add button to get started, and then enter {"seatId":"A1"} (replace A1 with whatever the seat reference should be for that person). Here's what it should look like:

A screenshot of the metadata section with

Save your changes, and the attendee's PDF ticket will now include an extra field called Seat, with their unique seat reference, which looks like this:

Note, you must use seatId as the object name in order for this to work.

You can also use our API to create a ticket or update a ticket, and add metadata in bulk.

Still need help? Search our FAQs for instant answers. You can also leave a message for our support team by email or in-app, and we'll get back to you by the next working day.


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