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How do I lock changes on tickets?
How do I lock changes on tickets?

How to stop attendees from being able to reassign their ticket

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This article is for event organisers. If you're looking to reassign your ticket, please see our FAQs for attendees.

Locking ticket changes for the whole event

By default, attendees can reassign their ticket to someone else at any time. To prevent this, you can use our Ticket locking option, which can be found under Settings > Ticket Settings. You can either lock ticket changes immediately, or from a date in the future (for instance a week out from your event, when you plan to print badges).

Ticket locking section

Additionally you can:

  • Block customers from assigning unassigned tickets β€” Prevents any changes to the ticket at all, including adding an email address to assign it to someone. The customer would need to contact you to do this.

  • Block customers from changing their details only after tickets have been assigned and completed β€” Allows the customer to assign the ticket and complete any required questions, but prevents further edits or reassigning.

You can also add an optional message to explain to your customers that tickets have been locked, and how to contact you with any queries:

Screenshot of the ticket page with the tickets locked message displayed.

Locking ticket changes for specific ticket types

You can override the default ticket locking settings at the level of individual ticket type, for instance if you want to allow some tickets to remain open to editing until the last minute (like Sponsor tickets).

Edit the ticket type, scroll down to the Ticket changes block and click the Override default button:

Override default option on ticket changes block

Locking ticket changes for individual attendees

Finally, you can manage ticket locking on a person by person basis. Edit the attendee, scroll down to the Changes block and click the Override default button:

Screenshot of the changes block at attendee level.

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