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Custom exports is a public beta feature. Contact us if you spot any issues.

Tito allows you to download attendee and order data as a spreadsheet, but we’ve now added a custom option for more control over data columns, ordering and formatting.

Create a custom export

Custom Exports first need to be defined at the account level. Go to your Account Settings, click Custom Exports in the side menu, and Create a custom export.

Screenshot of the form to create a new custom export.

The template starts with some initial fields to get you started.

Screenshot of the form to edit custom export

From here you can add, remove and modify columns to suit your requirements:

  • Click on the column headers to change the label for that column

  • Click on any of the cells (e.g. {{registration.reference}}) and choose other values from the options provided.

  • You can even type in your own custom values and format the cell exactly as you want. The export uses Mustache and supports whatever Mustache allows.

Running a custom export

Once you have created your custom export template, head to your event. You'll find your template either under the Attendees or Orders view depending on the type of export.

Custom exports are only available in the .csv format so choose “CSV” and you will see your custom template along with the standard Tito export option.

Exporting the CSV will give you something like this:

Advanced options

When creating your custom export template clicking “Show advanced options” gives you access to the “Add line” and “JSON” options.

Add line

Each “line” in the export is a line per record. So in the above example you would get two rows in your export per order, like this:


Switching to the JSON tab exposes the code used to generate the custom export. From here you can edit the JSON directly if you wish although please note that invalid JSON will cause an error — this option gives you the power to break things!

Still need help? Search our FAQs for instant answers. You can also leave a message for our support team by email or in-app, and we'll get back to you by the next working day.

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