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Only allow one ticket per email in your event

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Unique ticket email is a beta feature. Contact us to request access.

You might want to limit tickets to one per email. With this feature enabled on your account you get a new option in your ticket settings:

It doesn't stop someone placing multiple orders or buying multiple tickets in one order, but it does stop people assigning multiple tickets to the same email address.

Assigning tickets

If someone tries to assign a ticket to an email address already linked to another ticket they will see this:

Placing orders

We don't stop someone placing a second order but we do stop them assigning it to themselves. This is to allow someone to buy a ticket for someone else.

Bear in mind that if someone really wanted to get multiple tickets they could still use a different email address to get round this restriction.


This feature can be used to discover if someone is attending an event, if you already know their email address, which is something we take very seriously.

For example, if you buy a ticket you can then experimentally try and assign it to someone else's email. If you're not allowed to do so then you know they already have a ticket.

To mitigate the impact of this, we will send an email to the attendee warning them that someone has attempted to use their email address to assign a ticket. It will look like this:

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