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What keyboard shortcuts are supported?
What keyboard shortcuts are supported?

How to quickly move around the app without the use of your mouse!

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Quickly switch between events

Press Command + k from anywhere within your event to bring up the event switcher. Search for a different event and hit enter to switch events instantly.

Quickly switch between sections of the dashboard

You can also hit ? from anywhere within your event to bring up a list of supported commands.

As a rule, you can press g + the first letter of a menu item in the sidebar to move to that section of the dashboard (so: g+t for Tickets; g+a for Activities; g+q for Questions, etc.), although some sections may use a different letter.

If you just press g, the icons in the sidebar will transform to reveal which key you need to press to move to each section.

Make sure you don't have any form fields selected when trying to use keyboard shortcuts, or you'll just end up typing out the shortcut instead!

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