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Why is “Registration not currently available”?
Why is “Registration not currently available”?

Reasons your tickets may not be showing on the event homepage

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There are a few reasons why your event homepage or widget might be showing a Registration is not currently available message.

Screenshot of event homepage with message saying registration is not currently available.

None of your tickets are public

If all of your tickets are set to secret, they'll be hidden from the event homepage and widget by default. 

The only way to view them while they're set to secret is to either open the direct ticket URL or to pass the releases  attribute through the widget (here's how).

None of your tickets are on sale

If all of your tickets either have start dates in the future or end dates in the past, they won't be on sale and so registration will be shown as unavailable.

All of your tickets are paused

If your tickets are currently paused, they won't appear on the event homepage. You'll need to set them to "On sale".

Your tickets are locked

If you have a lot of demand for your event and a capacity set on your tickets, ticket locking may kick in. This ensures that you don’t oversell on your capacity.

If you have 50 tickets available and they're all in the process of being registered, anyone else who visits the event homepage will see a message that tickets are locked. Each existing booker will have 15 minutes to complete their registration, after which time any tickets they've selected will be released for someone else to register.

If you're concerned that a ticket has become locked for too long, or you don't think it should be locked at all, let us know.

Still need help? Search our FAQs for instant answers. You can also leave a message for our support team by email or in-app, and we'll get back to you by the next working day.

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