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How to add custom questions to your registration form

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By default, Tito asks for the minimum amount of information required to register or purchase a ticket.

To add custom questions to tickets, you can use our Questions & Answers feature available in the sidebar. These will be shown during the Assign stage of the checkout flow. Read this article for a more detailed breakdown about what this means.

Question types

Choose the most appropriate format for your question from the following:

  • Text — a single-line text box for short answers, e.g. job title

  • Textarea — a larger text box for longer answers, e.g. bio

  • Checkboxes — for questions with one or more predefined answers, e.g. interests

  • Select — for questions that require a single pre-defined response, e.g. t-shirt size

  • Country — select box pre-filled with a list of countries. Note: this will return country codes as values when the data is collected.

  • File — allows attendees to upload a document to a maximum size of 5MB.

When adding your question, you can specify whether it should be required or not.

Attach the question to tickets

This step is crucial! Once you've set up a question, be sure to attach it to whichever tickets it applies to, otherwise it won't be shown to attendees.

This gives you the flexibility to add different questions to different ticket types. You can also attach questions to Activities.

View responses

To view answers to questions, head to Questions & Answers  and click on the question. In the right-hand summary panel, there'll be an option to View answers.

Incomplete tickets

Attendees are prompted to assign and complete their tickets immediately after registering, but they're not required to. Most do it immediately anyway, but some don't. Tito marks those tickets as incomplete.

You can use our Messages tool contact purchasers who have unassigned tickets and ask them to provide details for the ticket holder. See instructions here.

Still need help? Search our FAQs for instant answers. You can also leave a message for our support team by email or in-app, and we'll get back to you by the next working day.

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