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How to add custom questions to your registration form

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Tito has built-in settings to ask attendees for their name, email, company, billing address, country and VAT number.

You can control these settings under Settings > Payment / register form.

For any other custom questions you'd like to ask, you can do this by setting them up under Questions & Answers in the sidebar.

A note about the checkout flow

Before we continue, it's worth understanding how the checkout flow works in Tito, as it's a little bit different to some other platforms. We talk more about it here.

When someone places an order, it goes through two stages: the registration  stage and then the assign  stage. 

During registration, by default we just ask for name, email and payment information. Once the tickets are registered, we ask the person placing the order to assign the tickets to the attendees. It's during the assign stage that we show any custom questions you've set.

Add custom questions

Click on Questions & Answers  in the sidebar and then on + Add your first Question .

Set your question, specify whether it should be required, and add an optional description if you'd like to.

Question types

Set your question format from the following:

  • Text — This will present a form field with just one line, perfect for questions with short, one-word or one-sentence responses.

  • Textarea — This will present a form field with just multiple lines, perfect for questions that require longer answers such as addresses and descriptions.

  • Checkboxes — Checkboxes are good for questions that have multiple answers where people can choose more than one option, e.g. interests

  • Select — Select boxes are perfect for questions that require one pre-defined response, e.g. t-shirt size

  • Country — This is a select box pre-filled with a list of countries. Note: this will return country codes as values when the data is collected.

  • File — Allows attendees to upload a document, maximum 5MB.

Attach the question to tickets

This step is crucial! Once you've set up a question, be sure to attach it to whichever tickets it applies to, otherwise it won't be shown to attendees.

This gives you the flexibility to add different questions to different ticket types.

You can also attach questions to Activities.

View responses

To view answers to questions, head to Questions & Answers  and click on the question. In the right-hand summary panel, there'll be an option to View answers .

Send reminders to incomplete tickets

Tito doesn't require attendees to fill in all their information up front. Instead, they are prompted to assign and complete their tickets immediately after registering. 

Most people do it right away, but some don't (either because they're in a rush or because they don't have all the information to hand). We believe blank fields are better than fields with hastily entered dummy or placeholder information, because we can easily filter for those who haven't filled in their details and send them reminders.

You can use our Messages feature to send reminder emails to people with unassigned or incomplete tickets. Simply select all ticketholders and then opt to Exclude completed tickets  and/or Exclude assigned tickets .


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