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How do I add or remove people from my team?
How do I add or remove people from my team?

How to control colleagues' access to events in Tito

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At the top of the screen in the event view you'll see your account name. Click on this and then click on Account Settings on the next screen.

A screenshot of the account settings in Tito. Teams is selected.

Select Teams in the left-hand menu and you'll have the option to create a new team or edit an existing team. 

To add members to an existing team, click on the relevant team (usually Admin Team by default), and then on the blue Edit Team button. From here you'll be able to invite new people to join the team. Next to each person's name you also have the option to remove them from the team.

If these options don't show for you, you may not have the required permission level for the account. Please check with the account administrator.

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