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Can I show how many tickets are remaining?
Can I show how many tickets are remaining?

Reveal the number of tickets left when they drop below a certain number

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By default, Tito doesn't reveal to your audience how many tickets are available. However, you might like to display the number remaining on your event homepage to create a sense of urgency and drive ticket sales.

Head to Settings > Event homepage > Ticket list options and check the box next to Show number of tickets remaining.

You can optionally add a number in the corresponding field to specify at what point to show the label. For example, if you enter 20, the label will only show when there are 20 or fewer tickets remaining. The settings are global to the event, so they will apply to all tickets you set up.

This is how it will look on your event homepage:

Screenshot of a ticket with the number remaining label activated.

If you're looking for information about how to see sold and available tickets within your admin dashboard, check out this article instead.

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