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Can I show how many tickets are remaining?
Can I show how many tickets are remaining?

Reveal the number of tickets left when they drop below a certain number

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By default, Tito doesn't reveal how many tickets are available. However, you can opt to show this if you like, by activating the tickets remaining indicator  label.

An example ticket on a Tito event page showing 5 tickets remaining.

Under Settings  > Event Homepage, check the Show tickets remaining indicator checkbox. 

Optionally, you can enter a value in the Ticket remaining indicator limit  field to specify when the label should kick in, as you may wish to show it only when there are a certain number of tickets remaining. 

For instance, if you set the limit at 10, then the tickets remaining indicator will only show up if there are 10 or fewer tickets available. 

The tickets remaining indicator is great way to drive urgency and sell out your event. The settings are global to the event, so they will apply to all tickets you set up.


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