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How does reducing pricing work?
How does reducing pricing work?

How to offer group discounts with volume pricing

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Our Reducing Pricing option allows you to offer group discounts with volume pricing. You can use this to offer a discount when customers order a certain number of tickets, for instance to run a 2-for-1 promotion.

When creating or editing your ticket, first select Reducing under Pricing options. Enter your ticket prices separated by commas.

  • The first amount will be the price a customer will pay for one ticket.

  • The second amount will be the per ticket price if a customer orders 2 tickets in the same order. And so on.

Underneath the price field we display a chart showing how much customers will pay for each ticket, based on the number of tickets they order.

Reducing pricing is chosen in Tito and set to "200,190,180" to indicate that the price reduces by 10 with each ticket.

Reducing pricing only works on tickets of the same type. To run cross-ticket promotions, you might want to consider our beta Supercombos feature.

You can combine this feature with setting Order limits at ticket level, to ensure that a discount cannot be claimed over a certain number of tickets:

The Order limits section in Tito. The Default quantity is blank, the Maximum per order is 5, the Minimum per order is blank.

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