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How do I reschedule my event in Tito?
How do I reschedule my event in Tito?

How to change the date of your event

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Head to Settings  > Date & Time  to edit the event date:

A dialogue in Tito to add dates to "Event starts on" and "Event ends on" fields.

When you change the event date, all ticket PDFs will be updated automatically with the new date. Of course, if anyone has already downloaded the PDF to their device, this will still show the old date, so it’s a good idea to use Tito’s Messages feature to notify your attendees.

By default, a link to any orders and tickets associated with the recipients’ email address will be included at the bottom of the email, so you can use the body of the message to let attendees know to click on their ticket and re-download it with the new date.

If you’re still selling tickets, you may want to extend their availability so that people have more time to book. If you’ve already set a cut-off date, scroll down to the Scheduling block within your ticket and you can change this to a later date.

The Scheduling fields in Tito. There are two fields to fill out: "Available from" and "Available until".

Finally, you'll want to check you've amended the date of any Activities you've created.

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