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vCards are a standardised way of sharing personal contact information using a QR code. You might print it on attendee badges to be scanned by sponsors, for instance.

Important note: the vCard QR code is different from the QR code on the attendee's ticket, which is used for check-in. Learn more here.

How to enable vCards

vCards can be enabled on an event under Settings > Tickets > Attendee vCards. When this is switched on, Tito creates a QR code for each attendee, which can be found:

  • As a URL in the vCard URL column in the Attendee export

  • In the summary pane for each individual attendee:

What data is included?

Hint: with a compatible smartphone, use your camera app
โ€‹ to reveal Eve's personal information.

The raw output of scanning the vCard QR code looks like this:

FN:Eve Moneypenny
ORG:Acme, Inc.

The vCard QR code does not include any answers to custom questions. It reveals only the following data about the attendee:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Company name (if known)

  • Job title (if known)

To include the company name and job title fields on the registration form, make sure you select them under Required fields at Ticket level:

How to use vCards at your event

The vCard URL in the Attendee export provides a unique QR code PNG image for each attendee, which can be printed on their badges. This allows attendees to quickly share contact details with each other, or for lead capture at sponsor booths.

Don't share the URL to generate the vCard image as this will grant access to the whole ticket. Only share the QR code image itself.

vCards can be scanned by any compatible smartphone, but sponsors may want to use an app such as Badgy to allow them to easily export data after the event.

How vCards differ from the Ticket QR code

Though the vCard QR code looks similar to the QR code on the Ticket used for check-in, it's not the same. The vCard QR code only reveals name, email, job title and company (if known). The Ticket QR Code should be considered private and only shared between the attendee and the organisers, as it can be used to reveal additional personal information such as address and responses to custom questions.


Organisers are responsible for ensuring attendees' privacy. Information should not be shared outside of the event organising team without explicit consent from the attendee.

If you are including the vCard QR Code on attendee badges you should ensure that each sponsor understands that they are responsible for any data collected and that consent is gained at the time of scanning the badge. This is part of GDPR compliance that every organiser must adhere to if they are based in, or have attendees from, the EEC.

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