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What emails are sent to attendees?
What emails are sent to attendees?

Do attendees receive automatic confirmation emails from Tito?

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Tito automatically sends out four types of emails to attendees:

  1. Order confirmation email: Sent to the person who placed the order and includes a link to the order and receipt. If the order only contains one ticket and no questions, this is the only email that gets sent.

  2. Ticket updated email: Sent to customers after they fill in questions on a ticket, and includes a direct link to their ticket.

  3. Ticket gifted email: This email gets sent when a ticket is reassigned to a new attendee, to notify that person that they've been assigned a ticket.

  4. Ticket added email: This email gets sent when an order is added manually inside the admin area by the event organiser (i.e. by heading to Attendees , clicking Add someone manually  and selecting the Notify  checkbox.

Emails come from .

If you're curious about which webhook each email corresponds to, check out the full guide.

If you'd like to add a custom message to the emails, follow the instructions here.

If you'd like to send your own Messages to attendees, check out this page.


If you have any follow-up questions, drop us a line at or chat to us in-app and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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