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What do the headings mean in the Discount Code .csv template?
What do the headings mean in the Discount Code .csv template?

Learn what to put in each column when bulk uploading discount codes

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When uploading discount codes in bulk, you first need to download our import template. This article helps you understand what each column heading means.

Items marked with an asterisk* are required.

  • Code* — What you want the discount code to be, e.g. VIP100

  • Type [Flat|Percent]* — Flat is a set amount; Percent is proportional

  • Value* — This is used in conjunction with the type to calculate the discount

  • Quantity — How many times the discount code can be claimed against an individual ticket

  • Available From — Start date for your discount code to be active

  • Available To — End date for your discount code to be active

  • Min. Tickets — How many eligible tickets need to be bought per order for the discount to apply

  • Max. Tickets — The maximum number of tickets per order that the discount code will apply to (please note that additional tickets can still be bought at full price unless you also set an order limit at ticket level)

  • Show Public Tickets — Show all public tickets when the discount code is applied or only those attached to the discount code (use “all” or “only_attached”)

  • Show Secret Tickets — If a discount applies to a secret ticket, show it when the code is entered (add Y for "yes", or leave blank for "no")

  • Source Code — Maps to sources you've set up using source tracking

  • Disable If Volume Pricing — Tells Tito to disable the discount if a ticket is already set to use reducing pricing (add Y for "yes" to prevent double discounts, or leave blank for "no")

  • Description for Organizer — A note for your internal use to help you remember what the discount is for

  • Column for each of your ticket types — Enter a Y in the column for each ticket the discount code should apply to, or leave blank if the discount should not apply to this ticket

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