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Setting up tickets
Setting up tickets

How to set up tickets in Tito

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Tito supports many powerful configurations for setting up tickets. 

To get started, hit Tickets , then hit Add Your First Ticket .

A screenshot of the Tickets screen in the setup guide in Tito. There is a blue button labelled "Add your first ticket".

Ticket details

Ticket name

This is the name of your ticket, e.g. Early Bird or General Release. It will be displayed in the ticket list on your event homepage and the embedded widget.

Quantity available

Set a quantity if you want to limit the number of tickets available. If more people try to purchase more tickets than are available, ticket sales will lock. See Locked Tickets for more information.

Ticket description

Optional Additional information about your ticket. This will be displayed in the ticket list on your event homepage and the embedded widget.

Pricing and tax options

You can set the ticket price to whatever you want, which will be set to the currency of your event. The currency is decided based on the payment options that you have selected for the event. Visit Settings  then Money  to add payment options and choose a currency.

Set your ticket price choosing from the following:

  • Free — Offer tickets at no cost (no Tito fees apply).

  • Paid — Set a fixed price for tickets.

  • Donation — Offer customers pay-what-they-want pricing. You can set a suggested donation and/or a minimum donation amount if you choose.

  • Reducing — Offer group discounts with volume pricing. 

You can also specify whether tax applies to your ticket. If it does, you'll need to set up your tax types first under Settings  > Tax types . You can apply a single rate of tax to a ticket, or more than one, if you need to.


Hide your ticket from the main ticket list by making it 'secret'. People will only be able to access this ticket with a secret link.

If you set a ticket as secret, it will never be displayed publicly. You will be able to use a secret URL and you can send this to people who you’d like to be able to get this ticket. 

You can regenerate the secret URL for a secret ticket at a later date.


You can choose when tickets are released and when they go 'off sale'. Just specify On sale from  and On sale until  dates.


If you'd like to ask custom questions such as dietary requirements or t-shirt size, head to Questions & Answers  in the sidebar first, and set your questions up. You can then attach them to specific tickets. See our section on Collecting Information for more information.


Activities allow you to specify what comes included as part of a ticket. For more information, see our section on Activities

Waiting list

When tickets sell out you can give people the option to go on a waiting list. If more tickets become available at a later date you'll be able to offer these to people on your waiting list. Click Enable  to turn on the waiting list for that ticket.

Required fields at checkout

By default, the only required field to register a ticket is email address, but you can also select any or all of the following options if you choose:

  • Require a name to be filled in

  • Always show the company name field

  • Require the company name field

  • Require a VAT number

Ticket changes

Control whether people can make changes to their tickets. The event ticket settings will be used by default but you can override them if you want to allow or lock changes for this ticket only.

Order limits

Set this if you wish to allow attendees to be able to buy a certain number of this ticket type per order. If they try to purchase more, they will get an error message.

If you set the maximum to “1”, then customers will be presented with a checkbox rather than a quantity field when they are registering.

You can also set a minimum per order, which is useful for special pricing (e.g. a group ticket rate).

Custom message

Add a message that will be displayed after a successful order. The message will also be shown on the Order Confirmation Email and the Ticket Confirmation Email.

Include PDF & Apple Wallet with tickets

Set this option if you want to sell/offer an item that isn’t necessarily a ticket or doesn’t count for entry to an event, where a ticket doesn’t make sense. See the Apple Wallet section for more information.


Advanced option which allows you to add a JSON object which gets sent along with this ticket type in Webhooks and via the API.


Need help with something specific? Search our FAQs section to find instant answers. 

If you can’t see what you need, drop us a line at or chat with us in-app and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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